Book Nook Marinduque completes Hibla Local Filipina 3 with creative and talent showcase

November 25, 2022

Mogpog, Marinduque –  Hibla Local Filipina 3 came to a close with the culmination activities at Book Nook Marinduque  on November 25 after its first anniversary. The creative and talent feast opened with a message from the Marinduque State College president represented by vice president for academic affairs Dr. Victoriano Regio. After which, the Department of Education Division Superintendent imparted an inspirational message delivered by the Mogpog District Supervisor Dr. Josephine Marciano. The respective principals from Gasan Central School, Tanza Elementary School and Ino Elementary School also graced the Hibla Local Filipina 3 culminating event.


First up was the ensemble from the Gasan District composed of Bognuyan, Banot-Mahunig, Gasan Central along with Bangbang National High School presented its rendition of the “Gasang-Gasang” easter Sunday street dancing festival.  The primary and secondary learners were trained by the local teacher-scholar and cultural organizer Sir Randy Sales from November 4, 7 and 11 at the Gasan Municipal Children’s Library. The next set of performers were from the Mogpog District with participants from Laon, Capayang, Ino Elementary school with the Mogpog National Comprehenisve High School who offered the intangible cultural heritage of “tubong.” With their mentor for music and songwriting Ka Oski Loreto who played the folk guitar using endemic plants species for the crown and flowers. Ka Oski trained the Mogpog learners from Nov 14, 18 and 21 at the Book Nook Marinduque for the second leg of Hibla Local Filipina 3.


The Boac student-creatives from Marinduque State College and Marinduque National High School did not disappoint with their retelling and theater arts output. Before the respective performances, Mam Romilyn Brual and Sir Carl Ian Lagar shared some insights about their experience of Hibla Local Filipina 3 at MSC Integrated School with Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education  along with the MNHS Special Program in the Arts. The third leg of Book Nook Training took place last November 15 to 17 for retelling and November 22-24 about Theater Arts. Selected illustrated books were utilized by Mam Brual’s mentees while the Bulaklakan Moryon masks took the spotlight for Sir Lagar’s performers.


Before ending the session, the Mogpog Extramural Study Center administrator Dr. Gerald Gutierrez reminisced about the humble beginnings of Book Nook last year from being a community-based library to a creative and talent platform not only for Mogpogueños but to all Marinduqueños.  As for the part of the Book Nook Marinduque area-coordinator, Dr. Randy Nobleza presented video greetings for its first anniversary along with the summary of Hibla Local Filipina in Mogpog, Gasan and Boac from November 4 to 24 thanking all the participating schools, learners, teacher-coaches and respective supervisors.


The Book Nook Marinduque was adorned with top visual craftsmanship with the drawing output from Mogpog and Gasan led by the Hibla Local Filipina 3 main facilitator for visual arts Sir Cassius Nitoral The group took turns from the facilitators, teacher-coaches, principals supervisors and learners to inspire more creative and talented individuals to visit Book Nook Marinduque not only during children’s month, libraries and information services month or book and reading month.

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