Com Elect 3: Cross-Cultural Communication

December 15, 2021

Video Ethnography Film catalogue


This is semester opens new possibilities of arm’s length research and video ethnography. Since the pandemic in December 2019 and national health emergency by March 2020, Covid19 has challenged and provided some alternatives with the conduct of research and production of video ethnography.


Compared to the previous semester of Cross-Cultural Communication I use to handle between 2008 and 2019, the first half of the semester deals with social research methods such as ethnography, video documentation and participant observation. Then the remainder of the semester is dedicated to a series of workshops to improve, enhance and enrich the initial research having an audience beyond the island of Marinduque. But since Covid19 pandemic has emplaced health and safety protocols, video ethnography must make the necessary adjustments to better suit the call and signs of the times. Although the topic is mostly about cultural practices of the island folks of Marinduque, some modifications and innovations are in order.


The culture-based Malayuning Komunikasyon (Purposive Communication) was added to further the cause of internationalization and intercultural understanding with the praxis of arm’s length research and video ethnography. The other innovation for the semester is the integration of some modules from the Graduate Diploma in Cultural Education, in particular CulEd 205: culture-based media documentation prepared by Ar. Manolet Garcia for GDCE teacher-scholars in Mimaropa.


Since 2021 is also the international year of creative economy for sustainable development and global recovery, the initial intent was to come up with a creative which would showcase creativity, creative economy and culture-based industry. There is no surprise, two sections of BA Communication who took up cross-cultural communication as an elective course ended up with such topics. The BAC3A has prepared video ethnography:  Panata at pag-ukit; Mandaragat; Tawak: Ancient Antidote of Marinduque and Mga Putik sa Palad. On the other hand BAC 3B has produced: x modern harana; Kusina sa Plaza; Morion handicrafts and Putong/tubong.


What this Video Ethnography Film Catalogue includes are the posters, synopses, screen grabs of teasers and the video itself along with the final script. For reference and guidance for the internationalization process of some niche courses for island and archipelagic studies after and beyond the Covid19 pandemic.



Assoc Prof. Randy T. Nobleza, Ph.D.

Institute of Arts and Social Sciences

Marinduque State College

1st semester 2021-22

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